Wednesday, December 6, 2006


For anyone interested in how an individual can test a Police Officers limits you need only to watch the interview of the New Black Panther member on Fox. Even though this is not a video of a street stop it demonstrates the loud in your face confrontational rhetoric of blame which is common and so often encountered daily by all Police Officers on stops and at crime scenes. See if you have the under lying urge to say Shut the fu%% up!

(The One Idea) by Kambon : BIRTHING OF RACISM

Kambon stated "the one idea, is how we are going to exterminate White people off the face of the Earth."
This taped footage of his statement originally aired on C-SPAN in approximately 2005.

Hannity & Colmes just did an interview with a militant
(New Black Panther Party Member) regarding the threatening statements of Exterminating White People by Ex-Professor Kamu Kambonb.
Find transcripts and video here

Also briefly interviewed was Rev. Jessie Peterson of BOND. Rev Peterson is said to be against affirmative action and supports family values, the points he tries to get across are interesting .

Not taped but an interesting fact is on Jan. 17, 2006 Judicial Watch represented Rev. Peterson against Jesse Jackson's calling it "Jessie Jackson EXPOSED." The lawsuit exposed Jackson's racial milking operation and his aggressive tactics of strong arming business's via Operation Push. The court case involved a deal with Jackson and Toyota in 2001 where Rev Peterson was physically attacked by Jesse Jackson and his son Jonathan .
Click here for transcript and story