Saturday, December 9, 2006


Jackson then reloaded and forced a hostage to the floor, alternately pointing the revolver at the law firm employee and at his own temple as the hostage tried to talk the gunman out of shooting anyone else, police said.
Arriving through a back door, a police SWAT sharpshooter aimed and fired. A second police sharpshooter also shot the gunman. Jackson was hit once in the head and once in the chest. Both sharpshooters had permission from their supervisors to fire.
“When we have an active shooting — somebody in the process of shooting people — we don’t negotiate,’’ Police Supt. Phil Cline said. “We try to take them out and that’s what we did tonight.’’
Cline earlier told reporters, “There [were] at least another 25 to 30 people on that floor and I think the Chicago Police officers and SWAT saved those people’s lives.’’

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