Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Per information which was printed and coming from an old web site known as The Chicago Reporter. Hillard said in 2003, just Three years ago we had only 9,000 Patrol Officers.
Our second link has the US Department of Justice showing 11,837 between 1990 and 2000.
Which would give us a increase of 2,837 Officers over a 3 year period.
In 2004 I found a number of 11,685 so in 1 year we increased by another 152 Officers.

Samplings of numbers in Patrol 05 and 06
FOP numbers from 2005
Feb. 11,583, decrease
Sept. 11,685, increase
Nov. 11,500. decrease
2006 FOP has not updated since Sept. 3 months ago. Why I don't know but their figures are for
Sept. 11,677 increase * ?????
Jun. 11,606 increase
May. 11,544 decrease
Apr. 11,674 increase
Mar. 11,544 decrease and identical to May
Feb. 11,551
In Sept. figure I did not count the Disabled nor was that done for the other months but lets just add in the Sgts. 341 and the 8 in outside units for Sept. = 12,026 now adding disabled 396 and who are assumed not working gives us 12,422 not including current retires, promotions and deaths?
Yet the Department continues to claim there are 13,000 + employed. Does the Dept. even know how many physical patrolling officers it actually has? Were talking Patrol Officers who are actually assigned in a beat car and assigned to patrol in a district as their job everyday? Personally, I think the Dept. needs to be honest about what the districts actually have in the way of true manpower and where those bodies really are. They owe at least that much to the citizens of Chicago along with the backlogged OEMC and Street Patrol Officers, don't you?

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