Friday, December 15, 2006


The 19th Ward gave the most help to Mayor Daley in his quest for Petition signatures since the forced dropping off of HDO but they still managed to get their signatures on those Petitions. It also appears Alderwomen Rugai has a serious contender hot on her heels by the name of John Somerville but it looks like the 19th Ward may have other back door selections in the making. After all this is Chicago Politics and the 19th ward is closely aligned with Daley. Sure hope this battle for a new Alderman in the 19th has more spark then the battle over Turkeys between Jackson and Beavers both household names to the Democratic machine.

It appears the old way of doing business in Chicago has not changed. Rendon now retired from the city had this to say: "I figured he was going to need help because he didn't have HDO,'' said Rendon, retired for two years from the Department of Streets and Sanitation. "I feel obligated because his dad gave me my first job. I started in 1975 with old man Daley as a garbage man.'' Ah Chicago Politics a favor still owed.

Four years ago, Daley collected 140,000 signatures; a Sun-Times analysis linked 18,950 of them to HDO.
This time, Daley got 24,100 signatures, including 1,275 linked to a dozen HDO members, among them Virginia Reyes, whose brother, HDO chairman Victor Reyes, is under federal investigation. She notarized one petition -- 25 signatures.
Those dozen HDO members could belong to other political organizations. For instance, five Daley re-election petitions were notarized by Deborah Norton, a former voter registrar for HDO who works for Ald. James Balcer (11th).

19th Ward organization helped most
Daley's campaign did not respond to questions about the petitions. Mums the word!

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